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Ethics & Compliance

Our commitment to Ethics and Compliance

At GEODIS, a commitment to our strong ethical principles and a respect for law and international regulations are key prerequisites for doing business. We maintain integrity in all that we do as we support clients in mastering regulatory constraints.

A strong corporate Ethics and Compliance Program


GEODIS uses a comprehensive program deployed across all lines of business to closely monitor the adoption and usage of ethical principles across operations. We have the utmost respect for international regulations, especially when it comes to competition, data protection, export control, and fighting corruption. This ensures business compliance in all that we do.


In 2003, we further strengthened our efforts in this area by joining the United Nations Global Compact. This compact calls upon companies around the world to take measures to protect human rights and the environment. In 2009, our strong commitment took shape with the publication and distribution of our Code of Ethics. We regularly update our Code, ensure every employee has a copy, and enforce it through training sessions as part of our educational program.



The eight components of our Ethics and Compliance approach


We commit to ethics and compliance through eight areas.


Commitment by the management team

We communicate Group management's strong stance in favor of ethics and compliance clearly and often. Management also actively approves and monitors all ethics and compliance actions.


Code of Ethics

The leadership of each GEODIS entity is responsible for distributing our Code of Ethics and business integrity policies (our tool-kit on the fight against corruption, competitive practices, conflict of interest, etc.). This cascades awareness throughout all levels of our company to ensure effective implementation across our operations.


Dedicated resources

The GEODIS Executive Board has set up a dedicated team to develop and support this approach to ethics and compliance. This team works with a network of correspondents and contacts across our lines of business and geographic areas.


Risk assessment

The Ethics and Risk Board manages and regularly updates our risk mapping approach and its corresponding action plans.


Educational Program

Our Educational program ensures that all employees are trained appropriately and made aware of this topic via specific modules and sessions trainings. This program is the subject of regular campaigns with tailored content. The topic of ethics and compliance is part of our employee onboarding and integration process and the annual appraisal meeting that each manager carries out with their teams.


Disciplinary procedures

Management’s commitment to ethics and compliance is clear and unequivocal. Any breach of the rules set by GEODIS Group will be subject to disciplinary actions. This rigor is crucial to guarantee the implementation of our commitment by all stakeholders.


Suppliers and partners

GEODIS implements qualification procedures primarily aimed at assessing the reputation and integrity of our suppliers and partners. This ensures that operations and the logistics chain are free from impropriety. A Suppliers’ Code of Conduct clearly states GEODIS expectations.


Ethical alert system (“whistle-blowing”)

We have implemented a global "whistle-blowing" system that allows each employee to share concerns or suspicions of infractions without fear of retaliation. This system can also be accessed by GEODIS partners (clients, suppliers, subcontractors, etc.). The system can be reached at: alert.geodis.com.



Our Ethics and Risk Board


GEODIS introduced an Ethics and Risk Board in 2010. This Board defines and directs the Group’s decisions related to ethics and compliance, risk management, and prevention. It also ensures the implementation of the principles outlined in the GEODIS Code of Ethics. Its primary missions are to:


  • Determine the ethical principles that will guide decision-making and how operations are carried out.
  • Oversee the dissemination of the principles in the Code of Ethics across the entire organization and the Group’s business partners.
  • Recommend and ensure developments in the ethics and compliance program (procedures, training, communication, etc.) and ensure that it is in line with the Group’s values.
  • Analyze any potential or proven risk and choose preventive or remediation actions to be taken by the Group.
  • Make statements about matters submitted.



The Ethics and Risk Board is chaired by the Chief Executive Officer, and its role is to incorporate ethics into the Group’s culture. It confirms our commitment to healthy and sustainable growth for the benefit of our various stakeholders. It is composed of several members of the Management Board and other senior management:

  • Corporate Secretary, member of the Management Board
  • Chief Financial Officer, member of the Management Board
  • Director, Ethics and Compliance
  • Vice President, Human Resources, member of the Management Board
  • Director, Safety and Security
  • Director, Internal Auditing



The GEODIS Code of Ethics


Our Code of Ethics is the cornerstone of the GEODIS ethics and compliance approach. This document defines the principles to be implemented in all LoBs, as well as the organization responsible for ensuring that this takes place. It expresses the GEODIS Group’s commitment to act as a trusted partner, responsible towards each of its stakeholders in civil society, business partners, shareholders, and employees.



Our Supplier Code of Conduct

Our Supplier Code of Conduct spells out the GEODIS Code of Ethics for suppliers, subcontractors, and partners. It clearly states our expectations in terms of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, health and safety, fighting corruption, competition, applicable export laws and regulations, confidentiality, environment, and sub-contracting.


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