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Foreign-Trade Zone

GEODIS provides complete US Foreign-Trade Zone services so you can import while deferring duty, and save money at every stage of your product’s journey. Our experienced FTZ teams integrate with your business and provide a wide range of consulting, FTZ management, customs entry, and in-bond services. We’ll ensure you meet FTZ regulations and requirements, arrange for FTZ clearance through customs, defer your duty, optimize your costs, and keep you informed.

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Complete Foreign-Trade Zone products for all your U.S. import needs

When you’re importing into the US and want to optimize your cash flow and duty payments, you can trust GEODIS as your FTZ partner. We provide a comprehensive range of foreign trade zone services including warehouses, duty deferral, inverted tariff relief, weekly entries, tax reduction, duty exemption for re-exports, drawback elimination, and more.


GEODIS FTZ services ensure you stay compliant, increase profit margins, and can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in duties and fees. We work with dozens of brands—from some of the biggest household names in the world, to specialized, niche companies offering bespoke products.


Take advantage of our FTZ warehouses, knowledge, experience, network, and relationships with USCBP. Expect deeply customized FTZ solutions unique to your industry and business requirements. 

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    FTZ regulations & risk management

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    FTZ integration, reporting, & control

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    FTZ optimization, cost reduction, & benefits

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    FTZ networks, experience, & expertise

Customs & trade compliance logistic solutions

FTZ regulations & risk management

GEODIS is a leading FTZ warehouse and service provider that takes care of all your compliance needs:


  • Check and file your FTZ documents and import declarations


  • Ensure your goods are properly classified as they enter and leave the FTZ warehouse


  • Assist with annual USCBP audits of FTZ facilities and operations


  • Help you stay compliant and reduce the risk of surprise inspections and audits
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FTZ integration, reporting, and control

GEODIS partners with your business for real-time FTZ support and visibility:


  • Integrate closely with your supply chain team for hassle-free FTZ services


  • Provide real-time insight for all of your goods through every part of the FTZ and customs process


  • Keep you informed and up-to-date with changing FTZ policies and regulations


  • Adapt your FTZ to changing business requirements, circumstances, and priorities to keep you in control
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FTZ optimization, cost reduction, & benefits

GEODIS FTZs provide multiple opportunities to significantly reduce duties and costs:


  • Duty deferral, reduction, or elimination as duties are only payable upon import into the US marketplace from an FTZ


  • Inverted tariff relief allows for lower duty rates on foreign inputs or finished products manufactured in an FTZ


  • Entry savings through weekly filings that reduce merchandise processing fees


  • Tax Reduction as products held in an FTZ may be exempt from state and inventory taxes


  • Re-export FTZ exemption means that duty is eliminated on in-bond exports out of an FTZ—duties are also eliminated for merchandise that is scrapped, wasted, destroyed, or consumed in an FTZ
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FTZ networks, experience, & expertise

GEODIS has a large network of Foreign-Trade Zones and FTZ experts with a proven track record:


  • Lower administrative costs through drawback elimination, greater inventory accuracy, an improved supply chain, and more efficient operations


  • Enjoy a deep bench of experience with a tenured team of more than 70 FTZ and customs experts


  • Network with local officials through our extensive on-site FTZ presence across US ports of entry


FTZ warehousing

Best-in-class, fully compliant FTZ warehousing, conveniently located close to ports of entry across the U.S.

FTZ compliance

Full compliance with the strict USCBP regulations regarding the management and control of FTZ imports and warehouses. 

FTZ customs entry

Duty deferral, tariff relief, and entry savings to reduce or eliminate fees on imported goods until they're moved from the FTZ into the domestic U.S. marketplace. 

Cost reduction

Duty deferral to avoid paying fees on imported goods until they're moved from the FTZ into the domestic US marketplace. 

FTZ documents & declarations

Complete foreign trade and FTZ document management and declarations between you, USCBP, and any other relevant parties.

FTZ product classification

Correct classification of products to the Harmonized Tariff Schedule for quick clearance through customs and into or out of an FTZ.

FTZ inspections & audits

Full support for the inspection or audit of FTZ products, facilities, documentation, and processes.

FTZ visibility & tracking

Visibility of your FTZ products and inventory throughout customs clearance and once stored in an FTZ warehouse. 

FTZ support & education

The latest advice and education based on changes to FTZ rules and how they might impact on your business. 

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Brian Riley SVP customs trade services

“For GEODIS, customs brokerage is an end-to-end product. It doesn’t matter what a client is bringing in, we want to give them a complete service. That extends from daily customs clearance transactions to trade services, or managing an FTZ. We talk to agencies across the federal government and get all of the licenses and clearance that our clients need. They don’t need to worry about all the individual aspects of it, we can take care of that.”


Brian Riley, SVP, Customs

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GEODIS delivers what matters to your customers. No matter the size, goals, or shape of your business, we'll customize our FTZ solutions to your exact needs.

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