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Backed by many years of experience, GEODIS eFulfillment gives your customers the reliable shipping they need at a price that works for your growing business. With our eCommerce fulfillment, you’re in control over your supply chain costs. We help grow your business with customizable pricing—no start-up costs, long-term contracts, or fees for empty bins.

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Fulfillment created for eCommerce

We believe every eCommerce brand deserves simple, fast, and reliable fulfillment. In development since 1998, GEODIS eFulfillment is the next generation in online logistics for brands looking for an experienced, strategic, network across the U.S. and around the world. 


With locations in Indiana, New Jersey, California, and Tennessee, your business will have coast-to-coast coverage so you can offer competitive two-day shipping to your customers. we offer discounts from UPS, FedEx, and other carriers so you always get the best rate.

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    Reliable order fulfillment

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    Affordable delivery

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    eCommerce fulfillment software

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    Easy returns management

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Reliable order fulfillment

From inbound receiving to outbound order fulfillment, our team and systems manage and distribute your orders swiftly and accurately:


  • Our automated solutions are built to pick and process a wide variety of items across multiple verticals


  • Optimized packing technology chooses the lightest and safest material to ensure your package arrives intact while saving on shipping costs


  • We provide value-added fulfillment services like assembly, kitting, and branded packaging to help give your customers that perfect unboxing experience
Specialised logistics solutions via road transport

Affordable delivery

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to parcel shipping and last-mile delivery. Some eCommerce orders require speed, others require affordability:


  • Get rates from multiple carriers and ensure the best price for every order


  • Choose from a variety of shipping speeds and methods including ground, economy, 2-day shipping, or overnight


  • Balance convenience, speed, and pricing no matter the size, niche, or needs of your eCommerce business


Supply Chain Responsiveness

eCommerce fulfillment software

With our order fulfillment software, you can improve your fulfillment efficiency, reduce errors, and make better business decisions:


  • Increase customer satisfaction: Meet your customers’ delivery expectations with our robust order fulfillment software. Manage and track order statuses and respond to issues quickly.


  • Get valuable insights: Keep the right products on hand for your customers’ orders with our inventory tracking feature to help you make informed purchasing decisions.


  • Avoid overstocks: Reduce costs and errors with returns and exchanges. Our order fulfillment software makes it easy to track and manage each order and to serve your customers.


  • Optimize performance: Stay on top of key metrics with our data analytics feature, which gives you real-time insights into inventory, sales trends, and more.
Returns Management Solutions

Easy returns management

While returns may be one of the largest challenges within eCommerce, a strong returns management program can be a true competitive advantage for brands like yours:


  • Streamline your returns process


  • Process returns efficiently within 24 hours


  • Improve your customer retention and future sales


Nationwide fulfillment centers

Fulfill your orders from any of our locations in the U.S. Your products will always be close to your customer to minimize delivery times.

Last-mile shipping

GEODIS eFulfillment provides you with competitive transportation rates from multiple carriers to keep last-mile costs low and reliability high.

International shipping

Leverage our vast international carrier network to access discounted pricing and committed capacity.

My eLogistics software

eCommerce fulfillment for you and your customers has never been easier. Manage orders, track inventory, and more!

Comprehensive returns management

GEODIS eLogistics provides you the ability to process returns efficiently within 24 hours, improving your customer retention and future sales.

Customizable pricing plans

Take advantage of eCommerce fulfillment pricing that helps you meet your goals—and allows you to pay only for what you need.

eCommerce store integrations

Our systems can be ready to fulfill your online orders in as little as two days through existing integrations to many platforms and marketplaces like Amazon, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and more.

Prepare your storefront

Work with our onboarding team to integrate your storefront and prepare for fulfillment. You could be selling in as few as 48 hours. 

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Frequently asked questions

We offer in-depth order monitoring, inventory alerts, KPIs, and more through our eLogistics Visibility portal.

Although we provide eCommerce fulfillment across many areas, our main focus is on the following niches: Fashion, Health & Beauty, Food & Beverage, Consumer Electronics, Pet Supplies, and Toys & Games.

We can integrate with almost any eCommerce platform or marketplace. We offers fast and easy integration across the following platforms:


  • Amazon FBA fulfillment: Easily ship your Amazon orders with GEODIS eLogistics


  • Shopify: Integrate with your Shopify environment in just a few simple steps


  • WooCommerce: Quickly fulfill your WooCommerce orders with GEODIS eLogistics simple set up for your WordPress store


  • Magento: Seamlesly connect your Magento orders to GEODIS eLogistics

Get ground shipping coverage to over 90% of the U.S. with shipping services in 2 days or fewer. With multiple fulfillment centers throughout the U.S., GEODIS eLogistics allows you the flexibility to be closer to your customers and provides you lower shipping rates and faster delivery, including economy, overnight, and next-day.

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to parcel shipping and last-mile delivery. Some eCommerce orders require speed, others require affordability. Our advanced systems check with all major carriers and find you the BEST rate for each order.  No matter if the order is ground, economy, 2-day shipping, or overnight, GEODIS eLogistics provides competitive rates for businesses of every size, from kitchen-table startups to Fortune 500 companies. Through 80+ years of experience in the fulfillment industry, we have built an extensive carrier network unlocking access to significant pricing discounts. As a result, we pass huge savings on to you.

Yes, we have significant volume discounts with the major shipping carriers. When you are part of our network, you gain access to discounted rates, too! Gone are the days of shopping for the best carrier rates. No more waiting three hours to speak to a rep to get five cents off your rates or track an individual package! When you partner with us, we give you the access, visibility, and cost-effectiveness of our vast carrier network.

The team at GEODIS eLogistics understands that in order to grow your brand to where you want it to be, you need an international audience and the shipping to satisfy them.  GEODIS eLogistics offers international shipping services to over 200 countries including Canada and Europe.

Here's what you get when you manage eCommerce fulfillment with us: 


  • Our full eLogistics network
  • Bin and pallet storage
  • Single SKU pallets and cases
  • Pick-pack and ship orders
  • Standard packaging
  • B2B preparation
  • Back to stock or disposal returns
  • Happy Returns and Loop integration
  • Shipping management services
  • My eLogistics management services
  • Free marketplace integrations
  • User guides
  • Dedicated customer support

We provide a wide range of add-on services, including:


  • Inbound labelling
  • Special inspection
  • First article inspection
  • Kitting
  • Serial number capture
  • Retail compliance
  • Branded packaging and inserts
  • Special project support
  • Bring-your-own carrier
  • Custom integrations
  • Dedicated account manager

Yes, we provide two ways to integrate with your systems and software:


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Custom EDI integrations are historically the most common integrations. While these come at a higher cost and longer timeline, they allow you to have a completely customized integration to meet your needs. Implementation can take between three and eight weeks.


Application Programming Interface (API)
The eLogistics open API will allow customers to seamlessly integrate their ERP or middleware into the GEODIS eLogistics network for free. These integrations will be client-driven and give you complete control. Start dates are customer-driven.

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