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Population percentages are estimates based on National Parcel Carrier transit times.

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Select up to 5 GEODIS campuses

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Savannah Details
Dallas Details
The Dallas campus is centrally located for efficient distribution to much of the South. Positioned in a low-cost LTL market, it is an ideal location for both parcel and truckload distribution.
Statesville Details
Centrally located in North Carolina, this location is able to service the East Coast with the Port of Charleston and Savannah both located a few hours away.
Nashville Details
Approximately 76% of the United State's population is located within 1 day's drive of this campus. GEODIS Americas' headquarters is conveniently located in close proximity to these sites as well.
Eastern PA Details
This campus is located within 1 day's distribution to 4 of the top 10 largest metropolitan areas and 2 day's distribution to 7 of the top 10 largest metropolitan areas.
Plainfield Details
With over 65% of U.S. businesses located within 1 day's drive, this campus has become the go-to market for eCommerce supply chains. It boasts close proximity to the Indianapolis Airport, the 2nd largest FedEx Hub, and has quick access to 5 major interstates.
Southern CA Details
Encompassing 12 facilities spanning across 70 miles of Southern California, this campus has facilities positioned within miles of UPS and FedEx hubs, key international airports, and major ports.
Central PA Details
With over 7 miles of conveyance and close proximity to some of the largest metropolitan areas in the U.S., this campus is a hub for eCommerce brands.
Kansas City Details
With locations throughout Missouri and Kansas, this location offers multiples sites with the ability to easily reach the Midwest.
New Jersey Details
Located minutes from Newark International Airport, this location is close enough to serve the city while providing easy access to major ports and 4 main interstates to reach the North East.
St Louis Details
With locations both in Missouri and Southwest Illinois, these campuses are in close proximity to the St. Louis International Airport for easy access to the Midwest.
Columbus Details
With its central location, this campus is a 10-hour drive from almost 50% of U.S. markets. This campus offers the ability to service all industries but boasts an expertise in retail.
Sparks Details
This campus holds the most registrations, accreditations, and certifications for healthcare supply chains. With close proximity to the Reno-Tahoe International Airport and 2 major interstates, it is an ideal West Coast distribution location.
Seattle Details
With multiple campuses across the Seattle metro area, this location offers close proximity to the Seattle International Airport, major ports, and interstates. This location has a diverse customer base with the ability to support many types of operations.
Chicago Details
With over 50% of U.S. businesses located within 1 day's drive, the Chicago campus spans across Illinois. This provides excellent access to the greater Chicago suburbs via 5 major interstates.
Fond Du Lac Wisconsin Details
Located in Eastern Wisconsin, this campus offers the ability to service both the U.S. and Canada.
Memphis Details
The close proximity to the Memphis International Airport, a FedEx "SuperHub", allows for parcel drop-off times as late as midnight. With two Mississippi River railroad crossings, it is an ideal location for multimodal transportation.
Atlanta Details
The Atlanta campus is in close proximity to the Port of Savannah making it an ideal location for cross-dock activities and importing goods.