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Healthcare Logistics Case Study: Critical Deliveries

A clinical and advanced therapy company uses GEODIS to effortlessly transport time-critical and environmentally sensitive medical materials.

Our supply chain case studies show how we use our logistics expertise to improve business outcomes for our clients. 

Medical providers trust GEODIS to handle critical healthcare logistics

The quality and viability of medical samples and pharmaceuticals are critical to accurate testing, diagnosis, treatment, and results. Whether as part of an individual’s healthcare or supporting a clinical trial, medical logistics must handle sensitive materials in a fast, safe, reliable, and compliant way.


A global clinical and therapeutic company relies on GEODIS to provide trained and certified drivers, environment-controlled transport, and local expertise. We collaborate with this client on the collection, transport, and delivery of biopharmaceutical and clinical trial samples. GEODIS services completely integrate with our client's healthcare operations, leading to them describing us as “an extension of their business.” 

Key takeaways


  • Critical healthcare logistics is based on close partnerships between a healthcare company and a trusted provider
  • Specialized transport is essential for maintaining the quality and viability of medical samples, pharmaceuticals, and other products
  • Reliability, speed, and control are central to meeting the needs of healthcare providers and patients
  • GEODIS achieved 100% quality assurance while reducing costs by 10% and expanding into new networks

Facts about our healthcare client


  • Provides medical services to individual patients and pharmaceutical companies
  • Prioritizes rigorous quality management throughout the supply chain
  • Invests in new technologies for compliant and efficient medical operations
  • Is growing their business into new geographic areas


The three main priorities for our healthcare client are reliability, speed, and control

Reliability means that our client can depend on GEODIS to meet stringent commitments — picking up, transporting, and delivering biological and clinical trial samples and items on time, every time.


Speed matters because many of the items are only viable for a short period, so GEODIS minimizes transit time and makes handovers fast and efficient.


Finally, control matters due to the environmental sensitivity of what our client is transporting — GEODIS ensures safety and monitoring throughout.


“Our customers expect that our operations will run as smoothly as possible. GEODIS has a really good understanding of our business and our clients.”

Transportation Director, Americas


GEODIS medical logistics services

We provide our client with a range of healthcare logistics services:


  • Supply on-demand, dedicated, trained, and TSA-certified drivers at short notice
  • Offer best-in-class cold-chain and environmentally controlled transportation options
  • Provide safe and compliant pickup, transportation, hand-off, and delivery  to pharmaceutical companies
  • Access to 24x7 local and regional courier services across multiple geographic areas
  • Real-time communications, tracking, and job updates
  • Adapt to changing job specifications and requirements


“Most of what we’re transporting has a very short validity time if it’s not properly temperature controlled. We’re on-the-clock for every shipment, or we risk the contents going out of validity and needing to be destroyed. GEODIS is there on time and delivers or picks up on time, without any unnecessary delays.”

Transportation Director, Americas


Outcomes for our clinical and advanced therapy client

When you’re working with some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world, it’s vital to meet service level agreements, every time:


  • Optimized our processes to provide 24x7 on-demand pickup, transport, and delivery
  • Achieved 100% quality assurance and compliance scores with our client
  • Reduced our rates by 10% following two years of providing services for our client
  • Recently expanded into five new local networks targeting large cities in the US

How GEODIS can help you with healthcare logistics

GEODIS is one of the biggest logistics providers in the U.S. and around the world. Here's what you can expect when you partner with us on your healthcare supply chain:


  • Provide safe and compliant pickup, transportation, hand-off, and delivery between providers, pharmacies, patients, and others
  • Supply on-demand, dedicated, trained, and certified drivers
  • Offer best-in-class cold-chain and environmentally controlled transportation options
  • Control costs while optimizing medical supply chain services
  • Access to 24x7 local and regional courier services across multiple geographic areas
  • Support for regular and STAT pickups and deliveries
  • Real-time communications, tracking, job updates, and proof of delivery for healthcare logistics
  • Integration with your processes, systems, and technologies
  • Support growth into new transport networks and regions

Discover how we provide affordable medical logistics outsourcing, without compromising on quality or compliance. Get in touch with GEODIS to see how we can meet your healthcare needs.