Logistics Case Study: Peak-Season & Last-Mile Capacity

How one of the world’s top final-mile delivery providers achieved 98% on-time delivery with the help of GEODIS Capacity Solutions.

Our supply chain case studies show how we use our logistics expertise to improve business outcomes for our clients. 

Enhancing customer satisfaction with transport and capacity brokerage solutions

When one of the largest regional final mile providers was experiencing an overwhelming demand during peak season, they knew it was time to find an expert third-party logistics (3PL) company to support them. 


The client originally approached GEODIS in 2021 while searching for a 3PL company who could provide relief during peak season. They wanted to maintain a fast and high-quality delivery process and chose GEODIS as their provider. Since starting our business relationship, we have provided seamless support and on-demand capacity and transport options including contract and spot services.


We've been able to enhance our client's customer service experience through our capacity and brokerage solutions.

Key takeaways


  • A large final-mile delivery provider needed capacity support during the busy peak season
  • GEODIS provided comprehensive capacity and transportation solutions between key transport and distribution hubs
  • GEODIS achieved 100% acceptance of tenders, 96% on-time pickups, and 98% on-time delivery
  • We managed 2,000 loads across November and December

Facts about our final-mile client


  • Strong focus on superior customer service 
  • Large, regional final-mile delivery provider across the eastern and western U.S. 
  • Dealing with the challenges of maintaining customer service and on-time delivery during peak season
  • Operating hubs in the eastern and western U.S. 


Peak-season logistics requirements

Our final-mile client was looking for:



Peak-season logistics challenges


  • Issues keeping up with peak-season volumes
  • Difficulty setting up new carries via their Transportation Management System (TMS) causing supply-chain inefficiencies
  • Need to maintain on-time delivery performance
  • Need to maintain high customer service standards
GEODIS Truck & Warehouse

Automotive logistics import solutions

GEODIS was able to tackle our client’s challenges head on:


  • Expanded capacity through an established and deep network of local, regional, and national carriers
  • Immediate relief with a focus on strong customer service and delivery performance
  • Provided expedited deliveries, team drivers, contracted rates, and spot capacity for both live loads and drop trailers
  • Managed the long- and short-haul transfers of consumer packages for delivery by the final-mile parcel carrier
  • Organized a team staffed 24x7 through peak season to provide status updates, confirmations, tracking visibility, and invoice and accessorial breakdowns


Automotive logistics import results

GEODIS was able to:


  • Provide a relief valve through the busy, and sometimes overwhelming, peak season
  • Manage multiple transport lanes for on-demand hub-transfer hauling
  • Source highly rated carriers for the fast shipment of high-priority products
  • Deliver products directly to the receiving hub for immediate assignment for final-mile delivery

Automotive logistics import outcomes


  • 100% acceptance of tenders
  • 98% on-time delivery (OTD)
  • 96% on-time pickup (OTP)
  • 2,000 loads managed across November and December

How GEODIS can help

GEODIS is one of the biggest logistics and transportation providers in the U.S. and around the world. Get in touch with GEODIS to see how we can meet your capacity, peak-season, and last-mile delivery needs.