lading on the back of an airplane

AirFast, AirSave and AirFlex

GEODIS’ Air Freight services are tailored to our customers' requirements. At the same time, they are also highly standardized when it comes to quality of service, global reliability and effectiveness of operational execution. We use three levels of Air Freight services to provide this proven, customer-oriented mix: AirFast, AirFlex and AirSave. We also offer a multi-modal service that balances the best of our core Air Freight and Ocean Freight activities: the Air-Sea combined transport mode.

AirFast: for time-sensitive and urgent shipments

AirFast is the preferred option for goods that are time-sensitive or highly urgent. We offer back-to-back, direct or consolidated services with a pre-defined transit time of between 1-3 days. Your shipment will travel as General Cargo on the main or lower deck, and GEODIS will also be happy to recommend the right carrier and routing to meet your specific requirements.

AirFlex: endless options with greater flexibility

Customers with a variety of cargo types and specific, commodity-bound handling requirements often use our tailored AirFlex service. AirFlex provides back-to-back or direct service for all possible commodities and dimensions carried by passenger or freight airlines. The service suits a variety of needs, including extra-urgent, dangerous goods (DG), temperature control, human remains (HUM), valuable (VAL), vulnerable(VUN), and Aircraft-On-Ground (AOG) shipments.

AirSave: an economical solution for the cost-conscious

Customers whose main priority is cost use our AirSave service as the most economical solution. This service uses GEODIS’ preferred carrier and routing options for branch-to-branch shipping of general, lower-deck cargo (maximum dimensions of 320 x 220 x 160 cm per piece). AirSave has a transit time of 4-7 days, with transparent all-in rates that include surcharges. It is also the perfect solution for shipment consolidation.

lading on the back of an airplane


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