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Temperature-controlled Forwarding: G-box

Many of our customers come to us for the temperature-controlled transport of their goods. This cold chain transportation must be delivered with an extremely high level of service. To ensure temperature-controlled shipping excellence, GEODIS uses its own unique invention: the G-box. The G-box uses a pallet wrapping technique that ensures the right ambient temperature from departure to arrival.

Protects from moisture and temperature fluctuations

We originally developed our G-Box temperature-controlled packaging solution for the pharmaceutical industry. It uses insulation that protects products from moisture and temperature fluctuations during air transport, covering a temperature range from 2°C - 25°C.

AMA, AAPO and AKE flexibility

The G-Box is made from strong, flexible and water repellent material with thermal conductivity of 0.030 W/mk. Due to its flexibility, the G-Box can be used with AMA (main deck containers), AAP (lower deck containers) or even down to AKE (airline container) units.

G-Box – a solution for any industry

While initially designed for the pharmaceutical market, the G-Box is perfect for any kind of temperature-sensitive goods. GEODIS offers shipment loading in a secure and ambient temperature environment, and permanent temperature monitoring throughout all stages of transport.

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Corporate Social Responsibility


As a company that is committed to being a good corporate citizen and to looking after its people, GEODIS goes to great lengths to fulfill its Corporate Social Responsibility.

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GEODIS has been experimenting with warehouse inventory by drones for almost two years now.

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