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Value-Added Solutions

Freight Forwarding doesn’t just mean transporting goods from A to B. At GEODIS, it also means doing everything possible to make sure our customers receive peace-of-mind deliveries each and every time. We support our forwarding activities with Value-Added Services such as our Control Tower for complete oversight, Purchase Order and Vendor Management, Emission Reporting, Fast Fashion Logistics, and IRIS, our online booking and tracking system. We have everything you need for smooth, worry-free deliveries.

Dangerous Goods are articles or substances capable of posing a risk to health, safety or the environment. Customers who regularly transport these types of goods can make use of our Dangerous Goods Handling service. This service ensures safety, environmental protection and regulatory compliance from pick up to delivery. See details

Most companies now understand the importance of assessing their carbon footprint. Therefore, we offer an Emission Reporting service that can map CO2 emissions across your supply chain. Of course, we understand that your reporting requirements will come with their own set of complexities, depending on your industry, geography and the requirements of your own customers. Therefore, we provide two different levels of reporting: a standard version and an advanced customized level. Both levels provide a clear and transparent report per shipment that complies with the international EN16258 standard. See details

GEODIS is one of the world's leading experts in Fast Fashion Logistics, and we work with many renowned and internationally successful fashion labels. We perfectly understand the requirements that are associated with seasonality and large volumes in peak seasons. We have therefore designed a service that perfectly meets these – and other – key requirements. Whatever your fashion supply chain logistics requirements are, we will ensure that your goods move quickly from the catwalk to retail stores across the globe in order to meet the latest trends as they arise. See details

Our integrated supply chain Control Tower solution can monitor, coordinate and operationally handle your inbound and outbound freight shipping flows across all modes of transport. We’ll use our Control Tower logistics approach coordinate the suppliers across your chain as we book and monitor shipments, serve as a point of contact for all involved parties, measure and report performance and pre-validate shipping. See details

IRIS (Intelligent Real-time Information System) is our web-based platform connected to all GEODIS Freight Forwarding offices across the globe. IRIS is a state-of-art solution that allows you to book or track your shipments in real time, as well as extract reports and view invoices. Go to IRIS See details

Purchase Order and Vendor Management manages your orders through a virtual network that connects GEODIS staff, your company and service providers across all regions for improved processes, comprehensive business intelligence and greater visibility. See details

Standard cargo insurance offerings cover goods during the transport phase and while they are warehoused in transit. However, coverage is not just important during the actual shipping phase. Things can also happen at warehouse locations outside the normal shipping course of transit. GEODIS therefore offers an insurance plan that also covers your goods while in storage at any point in time. See details

a work meeting between colleagues in a building


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