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Emission reporting

Most companies now understand the importance of assessing their carbon footprint. Therefore, we offer an Emission Reporting service that can map CO2 emissions across your supply chain. Of course, we understand that your reporting requirements will come with their own set of complexities, depending on your industry, geography and the requirements of your own customers. Therefore, we provide two different levels of reporting: a standard version and an advanced customized level. Both levels provide a clear and transparent report per shipment that complies with the international EN16258 standard.

Standard level of emission reporting

The Standard Level offers access to high level data, for which you can pull a report or have a default report sent monthly. It includes the main indicators that meet general auditing requirements across different industries. If your business requires transparent, reliable and easy to access standard emission data, then this is your report.

Advanced, customized level of carbon emission reporting

Our Advanced Reporting Level provides a detailed breakdown of your carbon footprint with self-managed administration and support. You can access reports at a specific trade lane level, including graphs and charts for analysis in a customized layout, based on a range of factors, including shipment mode, weight & volume, and actual distance traveled.

Security and flexibility provided by IRIS

Your reports will be protected and supported through a stable and secure IT infrastructure integrated into IRIS – our Intelligent Real-Time Information System.

a road winds through a forest


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