signing an insurance contract

Transport Insurance

Standard cargo insurance offerings cover goods during the transport phase and while they are warehoused in transit. However, coverage is not just important during the actual shipping phase. Things can also happen at warehouse locations outside the normal shipping course of transit. GEODIS therefore offers an insurance plan that also covers your goods while in storage at any point in time.

Why insure your cargo with us?

We look at freight insurance from our customers’ perspective. If you choose, you can arrange “all-risk” insurance – including theft and loss – based on the value of your goods. We can provide a tailored solution for specific project scenarios. We also offer competitive rates worldwide as we partner with leading insurance companies. The service also includes package flexibility for tailored requirements, quick insurance booking, and quick indemnification.

Spot insurance and insurance contracts

From one short shipment to a long-term project, we will tailor our offer to suit your needs. We offer spot Insurance for one specific shipment, as well as Annual Insurance contracts to coverall of your shipments during the year (subject to conditions). It offers permanent security with minimal administration.

Special coverage

Certain goods (such as jewels, pearls, currency, etc.) are excluded from the scope of standard cargo insurance coverage, as are certain events (e.g. risks of war). We offer particular coverage options upon request.

signing an insurance contract


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