GEODIS City Delivery

Grow your business with agile customized first mile, last mile, and same day delivery services


Consumer trends have changed the game for businesses needing last mile services. GEODIS City Delivery offers the ability to optimize your logistics network, bringing your packages closer to the customer, while giving you flexible fulfillment solutions for same day and next day deliveries.

diversify your carriers and eliminate friction with GEODIS City Delivery

Increase Sales and Profits with a customized First & Last Mile delivery experience

Grow customer loyalty with Same Day/Next Day/Every Day deliveries

Build customer trust with Contactless delivery

Keep products close to your customers with Micro Fulfillment and Buy Online Ship from Store (BOSS)

Increase revenue using BOSS and Home Delivery. Convert curbside pickup and BOPIS to Home Delivery to prevent lost sales

Streamline returns and increase profits with Returns solutions and Reverse Logistics

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GEODIS Zipline
Smart technology for a better delivery experience

GEODIS Zipline allows GEODIS to get a single view of delivery capacity. Modern delivery solutions might consist of independent contractors, local couriers, regional delivery companies, brick & mortar store employees or even GEODIS warehouse workers. Regardless of how large and diverse the delivery solution network, GEODIS Zipline provides an integrated delivery view for our customers. 


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