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Express Shipping in Europe

NetExpress Europe meets a wide range of express shipping needs across Europe, and provides unmatched market performance. It also provides guaranteed and worry-free management for European flows and an opportunity to optimize your business’s organization.

GEODIS' Express Shipping in Europe provides a perfect combination of hubs, facilities and partners, with customized options such as CO2 measurement (green logistics).

Shipping in Europe: NetExpress Europe

The NetExpress Europe network includes a perfect combination of the most important hubs around Europe, our own facilities and those of our referred partners who share quality standards that are equivalent to those of GEODIS. Operational and logisitcs processes are coordinated to deliver uniform performance across Europe – performance that we re-evaluate and measure monthly.

Next day delivery is offered for daily departures to 22 countries within our network. Shipments to major cities arrive the following morning. You can follow your shipments from pick-up to delivery, and view the POD, in your customer portal.

Delivery package acceptance conditions

We accept all types of goods, with the exception of except hazardous materials, perishable foodstuffs, valuable items, personal effects, and live animals. We ask for Cash on Delivery (COD) at certain destinations.

We can import and export single or multi-piece shipments up to 2.5 tons, and packages up to 1 ton according to the following specifications:

  • Maximum dimensions: 3m x 1.2m x 1.7m
  • Weight/volume ratio 167 kg/m3

Packages must be compatible with our equipment and means of delivery, and in compliance with regulations.

Enhanced liability is higher for the following two conditions:

  • €33 per kg, up to €1000/parcel
  • CMR conditions: 8.33 SDR per kg


Some value-added additional services are available on request. For more information about these services, please click on the following link.

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