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Transportation Management Solutions

GEODIS' Transportation Management Solutions optimize the movement of products throughout your supply chain. Our transportation team will use their expertise, industry partnerships and trusted tools to deliver the most reliable and low-cost solution for your transportation strategy. From inbound right through to the final mile, our experts in managed transportation and warehousing solutions will provide you with the capability, flexibility, and scalability you need to build a growth-enabled supply chain.

GEODIS' Transportation Solution Design uses your data to model and optimize the pivotal elements of your distribution and transportation strategy. These simulations help us identify the best combination of locations for your distribution centers, along with the most cost-effective shipment consolidations. We use this transport optimization approach to improve operational execution, as well as to identify and prevent costly transportation blunders. See details

Managed transportation can bring added complexities in financial settlement components, such as freight audit and payment, carrier payments, general ledger (GL) coding, claims, and refund management. Our effective financial settlement services can help recapture an average 2-3% your transportation spend – saving unnecessary business costs and protecting your margins. See details

As part of your daily business transportation operations, you are responsible for managing the tactical components of your transportation services, including load planning, purchase order (PO) and supplier management, carrier selection andshipment tracking. We help you achieve continuous improvement in these activities as we collaborate with other internal teams and your warehousing operations to develop cost-saving strategies and efficiencies. As a result, you receive consolidation and network analysis with centralized reporting and increased visibility. See details

Our Carrier Management services support your overall account strategy through the management of your carrier solution. By leveraging our proven processes and relationships with over 450 carriers in the US, we offer you the flexibility to adjust your transportation solution as needed and manage data for key operational decisions. It’s a carrier management system that lets you focus on your core business.   See details

As markets shift and change, your supply chain management strategy should also adapt to help you outperform your competitors. Our specialized transportation services are specific offerings aimed at identifying areas in your supply chain in which you can trim unnecessary costs and gain competitive advantage. We also excel at creating custom transportation solutions unique to your business or fulfillment strategy. See details

Your supply chain is filled with information, data, and metrics around your operation. But without centralization, integration and visibility, leveraging this data can become cumbersome and ineffective for implementing strategic changes. Our Transportation Visibility and Analytics tools provide you with the insight and foresight you need for effective supply chain improvement strategies. The service is geared towards improving your supply chain performance and enhancing your customer experience. See details

GEODIS truck in front of a warehouse

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