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Carrier Management

Our Carrier Management services support your overall account strategy through the management of your carrier solution. By leveraging our proven processes and relationships with over 450 carriers in the US, we offer you the flexibility to adjust your transportation solution as needed and manage data for key operational decisions. It’s a carrier management system that lets you focus on your core business.


Transportation mode expertise

Our team has expertise in a wide variety of transportation modes including Truckload (TL), Less-than-Truckload (LTL), parcel, drayage, and rail. We'll use our extensive expertise and analytical processes to assess your current transportation network and develop an optimized, multi-modal strategy that best fits your business needs while lowering costs.

Carrier qualifications

As part of our commitment to deliver the best transportation solution designs, we provide daily monitoring – through our people and our systems – of critical carrier profiles, including carrier insurance, operating authority, credit reports, and safety status. Our high level of carrier standards and monthly carrier scorecard reviews ensure a carrier portfolio that provides a dynamic solution with minimized risk and liability.

Multiple carrier options

Our relationships with multiple carriers and consolidators  allow us to offer what we refer to as a ‘carrier-agnostic’ solution. Simply put, we help you find the right carrier at the right cost for you. Access to multiple carriers also provides you with more agility to meet constantly changing market demands, while increasing carrier reliability through our negotiated KPI commitments.

Bid Management

There are a variety of parameters to consider when it comes to transportation bid management, including mileage, capacity, mode optimization, fuel cost, and carrier performance. An effective bid management system therefore requires industry expertise, proven processes, and a dynamic carrier portfolio. Our bid management team leverages this industry expertise and combines it with network data to project future costs and ensure the optimization of your transportation network.

Capacity Management

Product demand can often ebb and flow. Our capacity transportation management service ensures a reliable process for all types of shipping volumes and schedules. Our capacity team will forecast your daily outbound shipping needs, match your loads with the best carrier, and then shift and scale carrier capacity as needed. This will protect you from unnecessary shipping costs and improve your bottom line.


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