GEODIS employee in a warehouse

Specialized Transportation Services - Logistics

As markets shift and change, your supply chain management strategy should also adapt to help you outperform your competitors. Our specialized transportation services are specific offerings aimed at identifying areas in your supply chain in which you can trim unnecessary costs and gain competitive advantage. We also excel at creating custom transportation solutions unique to your business or fulfillment strategy.

Retailer Consolidation Services

Retailer Consolidation is the bundling of multiple Less-than-TruckLoad (LTL) shipments from warehouses into big-box retailers. We have three, strategically-located freight consolidation facilities within the US, in Los Angeles, Indianapolis and Newark. By consolidating your loads with our other customers’ loads going to the same destination, we can offer you lower shipping costs and help you avoid unnecessary chargebacks, fines and fees that can diminish margins. 

Yard Management

Yard management facilitates inbound and outbound shipments and trucks into your warehouse’s yard and loading docks. Effective yard management goes beyond yard checks with pen and paper. A correct process, coupled with an effective Yard Management System (YMS) tool, provides real-time visibility to prevent unnecessary delays and identify ways to accelerate your operation.

GEODIS employee in a warehouse

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