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Transportation Operations

As part of your daily business transportation operations, you are responsible for managing the tactical components of your transportation services, including load planning, purchase order (PO) and supplier management, carrier selection andshipment tracking. We help you achieve continuous improvement in these activities as we collaborate with other internal teams and your warehousing operations to develop cost-saving strategies and efficiencies. As a result, you receive consolidation and network analysis with centralized reporting and increased visibility.

An integrated solution with your warehouse

As experts in both warehousing and transportation, we can optimize your entire supply chain by streamlining your operation. Our transportation management services can integrate with any warehouse, whether it is operated by our team, another third-party logistics (3PL) provider, or your own organization. We are the best transportation complement to your warehouse.

Inbound, outbound, and cross-dock

GEODIS has the ability to leverage relationships with over 400 domestic and regional carriers to perform carrier selection that takes advantage of tier-one technology tools. This offers you competitive advantage through increased buying power. Oversight of your inbound, outbound and cross-docking processes will also help to reduce material handling and manage vendor compliance to directly impact cost savings and speed, while lowering the risk of damaged inventory and fines. It also provides a single source for visibility and shipment control.

A dedicated transportation team

We can provide you with a dedicated team of direct day-to-day contacts to select carriers, negotiate carrier contracts, plan shipments, resolve issues, proactively track shipments and manage exceptions. This team will work closely with carrier management and financial services to ensure that you and your customers receive the best possible service and rates.

A focus on continuous improvement

Our Operational Excellence team conducts this transportation management system, and can analyze your data to identify specific areas for additional cost savings and performance enhancements. Some of the initiatives used to achieve this include freight consolidation consolidation, multi-stop truckload, pool distribution and network modeling. We have also recently enhanced our reporting platform for simplified data access, optimized our load planning process, and launched a new Transportation Visibility Portal.

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