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Transportation Visibility and Analytics

Your supply chain is filled with information, data, and metrics around your operation. But without centralization, integration and visibility, leveraging this data can become cumbersome and ineffective for implementing strategic changes. Our Transportation Visibility and Analytics tools provide you with the insight and foresight you need for effective supply chain improvement strategies. The service is geared towards improving your supply chain performance and enhancing your customer experience.

Transportation visibility portal

Our transportation visibility portal offers a variety of reporting capabilities and dashboards to give you insight into the status and health of your managed transportation. You will gain real-time access to order tracking, shipment/load status, pickup and delivery tracking, freight claims, on-time performance, and carrier metrics. This supply chain visibility will help us implement best practices and improvement strategies.

Control Tower

Our portal provides end-to-end visibility within your supply chain by aggregating key data from your warehouse, yard, and transportation management systems. These key metrics provide you with information to assess your business operation, and also offer predictive analysis and trend reporting to iterate and improve efficiencies within your supply chain.

Customized reporting, audit and transportation analytics

We use customized KPIs to tailor reporting beyond what individual freight carriers can provide. We also leverage our robust reports during claims and contract renewals to negotiate the best carrier rates. Additionally, our reports help us identify and suggest improvements to your shipping patterns, and potentially even network redesign.

Analytics chart data

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