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GEODIS' IRIS Real-Time Track and Trace

Real-Time Track and Trace: GEODIS' IRIS

GEODIS is focused on bringing you industry-leading technology with our IRIS platform.
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5 reasons why you should invest in end-to-end visibility to turn your supply chain into a strategic asset

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The Differences Between Air, Sea, and Land Freight and Which Is Best for Your Shipment

Did you know that there are three primary factors influencing your choice between air, sea and land freight transportation services? Learn more today.

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Avion cargo conteneurs

How to develop new Air Freight capabilities through a crisis ?

With up and downs due to crisis, discover why it is urgent now for operators to secure capacity for their clients.

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International Shipping, Parcel, and Airplane

[Infographic] 3 Steps for Navigating International Shipping

Learn more about navigating international shipping

GEODIS MyParcel paves the way for e-Commerce merchants seeking to achieve international shipping success. Want to accelerate your international e-Commerce

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How to cope with ocean freight unstability in pandemic time?

What pandemic has changed in the ocean freight market? How to keep stability?

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LCL Ocean Shipping

Why LCL Ocean Shipping May Be the Right Solution for Your Supply Chain

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Cargo Ship

Why LCL Ocean Shipping May Be the Right Solution for Your Supply Chain

Needing to ship cargo overseas but don't have enough product to fill a full container? Struggling with the challenges of today's unpredictable ocean freight climate

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Christmas Boxes

The Push for Peak Shipping is Here and Now

Christmas and peak shipping season may still be several months away, but the time to prepare is right now.

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Global shipping congestion calls for greater visibility

No one can predict the future, so tomorrow's freight leaders are acting boldly today

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How to build a flexible supply chain that is resilient to change?

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Smart loads

Optimize Your Shipping With Smart Loads

Did you know smart loads mean continuous optimization across all opportunities and boosting collaboration? Learn more now.

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coping with unforseen challenges

How Freight Forwarders Can Help Companies Cope With Unforeseen Challenges and Stay Competitive

Freight forwarders create supply chain resiliency with core benefits to help you stay competitive. Learn how today.

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What Inflation Means for Ocean Freight Costs and the Markets It Serves

Did you know that general inflation drives higher costs in ocean freight and vice versa? Find out more today.

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