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Optimize Your Shipping With Smart Loads

Did you know smart loads mean continuous optimization across all opportunities and boosting collaboration? Learn more now.
by GEODIS Marketing 18/04/2023
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The world is in the midst of an e-commerce revolution. Technology has exceeded expert predictions of the digital impact on the industry in nearly every market and industry. Supply chain logistics are changing. As a result, the changes are leading the way for smart cargo solutions and providers to forge new opportunities. Forwarders must rely increasingly on intelligent load and optimized supply chain logistics to keep up with the times. Whether you are dealing with air, sea, or land freight, smart load optimization can help.

To stay competitive, companies must embrace smart shipping technology that makes it easier than ever to optimize their delivery process. Smart shipping will help to save you money while at the same time meeting customer expectations for fast and reliable deliveries. Supply chain optimization, transportation technology, and smart load networks make it possible to quickly get specialty loads to their destination without breaking the bank.


What are Smart Loads?

Smart loads are a revolutionary new technology transforming how goods are shipped worldwide. Smart loads are a sophisticated system that uses advanced algorithms and data analytics to optimize cargo shipment. By analyzing a wide range of factors, such as the weight and size of the cargo, the type of transportation used, and the destination, smart loads can determine the most efficient and cost-effective way to transport goods.

International shippers need cost-efficient and agile strategies, and smart loads can help to make the shipping process as efficient and streamlined as possible. They are a way for shippers, forwarders, and transporters to reduce costs, improve delivery times, and enhance overall performance. By considering a wide range of variables and using advanced analytics and data processing, smart loads can provide insight and optimization that were not previously impossible.


Supply Chain and Digitalization With Smart Loads

The supply chain has always been a vital part of the business world. Digitalization is no longer optional and is changing how companies interact with customers, suppliers, transporters, and distributors. Supply chain technology has improved every supply chain step, including platforms, tools, and integrations focused on improving smart load management.

This trend has been evident in several industries over the last decade and has only intensified over the previous few years. The way consumers shop has changed drastically thanks to the overall Amazon effect and the ongoing demand for faster and more reliable shipping services that are free or highly affordable. Shippers and customers can track cargo in real-time and get notifications when something changes with the ETA or happens with the load.

Smart loads are the way to go for companies dealing with sensitive cargo, oversized loads, heavy loads, hazardous materials, and other loads that need customized shipping parameters. Businesses using new technologies and smart systems make it easier for shippers to manage supply chain operations. 

Rather than a company spending days finding a carrier that can handle oversized loads and specialty shipments, with smart load technology, they can more easily match cargo with specialized transportation partners. These partners ensure fast and reliable transportation and maximize profits for you while keeping prices low for customers. It is the ultimate win-win situation.


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Fulfillment Companies Are Now Under Pressure to Meet Consumer Demands

As customers become more demanding, retailers have had to increase their focus on the logistics side of the business to compete with online shopping. Shoppers expect speedy deliveries from their favorite stores, and 62% expect those deliveries within three days, reports Retail Dive. Retailers must deliver and meet those demands to stay competitive in the digital world of e-commerce.

Improving fulfillment times are achieved through the use of intelligent shipping technologies, which allow shippers and carriers to:

  • Reduce shipping costs by increasing the efficiency of your fleet.
  • Schedule with fewer delays and disruptions plaguing deliveries.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing faster delivery times. 
  • Match shippers to loads with greater speed and accuracy.
  • Streamline scheduling and route planning for maximum efficiency.
  • Manage profits and expenses to increase business growth.
  • Protect brand reputation and secure a competitive advantage.


Supply Chain Technology Makes it Easy to Optimize Transportation and Logistic Processes.

Technology is changing rapidly and making it easier for shipping companies, brokers, and forwarders alike to optimize their logistics processes. Many factors drive more efficient and streamlined supply chain management, including:

  • Growing demand from consumers who expect retailers to provide them with personalized service at scale.
  • Increasing the number of solutions that help business owners manage their supply chains more effectively.
  • Integrating technology to stay up to date to meet consumer expectations while keeping costs low as possible.
  • Implementing technology to allow for easier optimization of supply chain logistics from end to end.

The more efficient the load matching and fulfillment process, the less time and money businesses spend on supply chain logistics.


Start Shipping Smarter

If you want to implement Smart Loads in your logistics operations, now is the time to start. Doing so can save money on transportation costs, improve delivery times, and promote sustainable transportation practices. As the world becomes more digital, embracing innovative technologies like Smart Loads is more critical than ever. By implementing smart shipping technology and processes into your business, you can ensure that every shipment arrives on time with minimal hassle and maximum productivity. From a 40,000-ton load to a single high-priory order to everything between, smart loads and supply chain integration make it all possible. Check out our other resources to learn how to optimize your imports and exportssave money through duty drawbacks, or how we can support your business through supply chain disruption.

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