Domestic Expedite
Domestic Expedite
Tue 20/07/2021 - 17:45

Domestic Shipping Reimagined

We understand that our customers seek a reliable partner who can handle any challenge your shipment may face. Our priority is to communicate your shipping options in a fluctuating market, providing transparency and expertise through each step. With an extensive network and a solid commitment to our customers, we develop delivery options tailored to your business. GEODIS Domestic Expedite is an expedited ground and air delivery service providing versatile, reliable, and highly visible delivery options within the United States.

Every shipment processed through GEODIS Domestic Expedite is important to us, and our team will report on these minimum milestones to continuously improve and evolve our processes while providing a high level of customer service and customer experience:

  • Shipment pick up
  • The actual time of departure from origin dock/terminal
  • The actual time of arrival to the destination dock/terminal
  • Any delays or variances from original times supplied when making booking or quote
  • Proof of delivery; verbal, or hard copy can be obtained as requested
  • Any additional requested services such as real-time satellite tracking of vehicle
  • Additional services as requested
Domestic Expedite

GEODIS Domestic Expedite has a dedicated team in Dallas, TX, to provide a strong customer experience and support your shipment's needs throughout its journey. With a strong network of vetted air and over-the-road carriers experienced to manage unique and urgent needs. Our Dallas Operations Excellence Center and Additional Interline Destinations, as seen below, are vital in ensuring all your business-critical, time-sensitive, and emergency shipments are delivered on time, every time.

Domestic Expedite Map


"GEODIS has the elements and resources of a big company, but we are still very boutique orientated. We value every opportunity and focus on the customer, and there needs not to get lost in a big network. Because of our resources, we are also in a unique competitive position to utilize our size to ensure we provide capacity and competitive pricing for our services which we will then pass onto our customers. We work for their trust and understand this is a people business, and relationships are critical." - Mike Lemmer, GEODIS Director of Sales for the Domestic Expedite US Product

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