GEODIS MyParcel Expands Direct-to-Customer Intercontinental Delivery Service to Canada
GEODIS MyParcel Expands Direct-to-Customer Intercontinental Delivery Service to Canada

GEODIS MyParcel Expands Direct-to-Customer Intercontinental Delivery Service to Canada

GEODIS today announced it has expanded GEODIS MyParcel, a direct-to-customer intercontinental delivery service, to Canada to allow brands to continue growing their e-Commerce business on a global scale. GEODIS MyParcel was first launched in 2020 to offer a small parcel delivery service from the U.S. to 27 European countries, with the goal of progressively expanding globally as seen with the addition of the Canadian market.

As a byproduct of the COVID-19 pandemic, cross-border e-Commerce activity has grown drastically as consumers have altered buying behaviors by increasingly turning to the online purchase of goods. According to Statista, global retail e-Commerce sales reached $4.3 trillion in 2020 and is expected to jump to $5.4 trillion in 2022. In particular, eMarketer reported the Canadian retail e-Commerce market grew by an astounding 75% in 2020, the second fastest-growing market globally. Canadian e-Commerce sales are predicted to top $500 billion in 2022.

“With no end in sight for current cross-border e-Commerce trends, it is vital brands today implement international shipping into their operations to meet demand and remain competitive,” said Manoj Pankaj, Vice President of Cross-border e-Commerce | B2C Shipping at GEODIS in Americas. “With the expansion of GEODIS MyParcel into Canada, we are enabling our customers to further strengthen their international presence and growth potential by accessing a new, rapidly growing market.”

The International Post Corporation reports that 25% of global customers cited a long delivery time as the top issue related to cross-border e-Commerce. To help navigate this challenge, GEODIS MyParcel guarantees fast, reliable delivery within 4-6 days to meet customer demand. GEODIS MyParcel also features a tax and customs duty calculator displayed at the shopping cart level to provide complete price transparency to customers before the transaction is completed, which can improve overall client satisfaction by eliminating surprise fees upon delivery.

“Ultimately, GEODIS MyParcel is designed to offer the right balance between speed and price at a transparent, total landed cost,” said Pankaj. “As a result of GEODIS’ end-to-end global transportation network, fully integrated digital platform and deep e-Commerce expertise across a team of logistics professionals, GEODIS MyParcel provides domestic e-Commerce brands with a simple way to go global.”

GEODIS plans to continue expanding GEODIS MyParcel into new geographical areas in the future.

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