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The growth we help to fuel makes GEODIS one of our business partners’ best-kept secrets. Our secret is no secret. We function as a strategic partner to help top e-commerce logistics and supply chain executives maintain a competitive advantage and keep their customers happy. With a range of 3PL solutions, including our GEODIS e-logistics product, warehousing, transport and freight-forwarding. Want to know more? Keep scrolling.


Successful partnerships start with the people doing the partnering. GEODIS offers a dedicated team from start to steady state, and a workflow engine with time and budget modeling that operates at a 98% success rate, be it a growth partner for an emerging brand or an optimization partner for a brand ready to expand exponentially. Our e-Commerce logistics solutions easily connect with yours, to give you a real-time and global view for greater control and visibility.

Revolutionizing Retail

Customers have more choices and ways to shop than ever, and tomorrow they'll have even more. GEODIS ensures you have visibility over your retail supply chain with the flexibility to pivot as needed. With multiple fulfillment centers in over 20 markets in the U.S. connected to a global GEODIS e-commerce network, we're able to get close to your customers, and keep them happy.

Stay Ahead of Fast-Moving Consumers

Consumer goods may move fast, but trends and fickle customers move even faster. An omni-channel solution is necessary for increased control and real-time visibility. GEODIS provides the tools to ensure consistent supply of merchandise by implementing a more flexible supply chain with end-to-end visibility. We deliver more than 100 million parcels annually. Efficiency scales.

Delivering High-Tech At Scale

The high-tech market is driven by innovation and marked by high-value products. Solutions from GEODIS support you through the product chain, including the security of your goods and the addition of high value services for high tech products. We also provide order management across all sales channels and direct deliveries to resellers or end customers.

92% of surveyed customers rank GEODIS performance good, very good or excellent.
100% integration layer uptime since 2012. Customers can always connect and send orders.
Gartner, Magic Quadrant for 3PLs
Gartner, Magic Quadrant for 3PLs

Arturo Garza, Sr. Director, Project Finance

“GEODIS is that company that will give peace of mind to our customers. They can focus on their product; we’ll make sure that we deliver.”


Raziel Bravo, VP, Strategic Management

“Knowing the customer intimately allows us to identify pain points for us to create solutions…We identify where the company is going, what their goals are and what their pain points are, in order for us to adjust what solutions we are going to provide to that customer.”


Jessica Himmelreich, Sr. Director, Implementations

“We have a competitive advantage through our people, through our systems and through our implementations process….We are here to help you grow. We want to be your logistics partner for years to come, and that only happens with transparent communication and great partnerships.”


Amanda Buchanan, Director, IT Solutions

“We build software all the time for our customers based on their needs…We took what our customers really want to see, and we put it into a portal where they can see, end to end, their supply chain.”


Tyler Enstice, Sr. Director, IT Implementations

“At GEODIS, you’ll be working with people who truly care about the outcome of the project. We truly care about the customers that we’re working with and the services that they have, and how that reflects on their brand and their business.”

“As we continue to look ahead to the future, we needed a fulfillment solution that would make our end-user paramount while being able to meet our growth in the future. Part of the reason we chose GEODIS was their ability to grow with us, as well as their customer-centric approach to fulfillment.” - DIRECTOR OF LOGISTICS, NATIONAL BEAUTY SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE 

“GEODIS is executing at all-time best.” - CEO, DOG AND CAT PRODUCTS SUPPLIER 

“My team works closely with the GEODIS distribution and logistics teams, and I am very happy with the attention given to service and quality, as well as the focus on correcting issues as they arise.” - GLOBAL TOY MANUFACTURER AND RETAILER 


“GEODIS has been a great partner. Their willingness to help EXCEEDS OUR EXPECTATIONS. They are always willing to go above and beyond.” – MULTINATIONAL AMERICAN FOOD CORPORATION SPECIALIZING IN B2B DISTRIBUTION 

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