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Healthcare Logistics Case Study: Continuous Improvement

A regional not-for-profit hospital and clinical provider relies on GEODIS to optimize logistics processes for better outcomes.

Our supply chain case studies show how we use our logistics expertise to improve business outcomes for our clients. 


Trusted healthcare organization partners with GEODIS on continuous improvement

Maximizing positive patient outcomes is critical for any medical provider. Part of delivering these outcomes depends on strong, optimized healthcare logistics—ensuring value for the provider without sacrificing speed, quality, or reliability. We partner with medical organizations and implement data-driven process improvements to enhance care.


A large regional healthcare provider relies on GEODIS to control costs and improve services without compromising on patient care. In addition to keeping costs down, we provide complete network coverage, high-quality performance, logistics improvements, and fast medical pickups and deliveries. 

Key takeaways


  • Continual improvement is vital to delivering best-in-class medical care
  • Healthcare providers can partner with data-driven suppliers that optimize medical logistics
  • Healthcare logistics businesses use data to strengthen cost control, consolidate routes, enhance services, and maximize supply chain performance
  • GEODIS used continual improvement to reduce costs by 8% and transitioned from a non-stop to a one-hour service without compromising on the quality of care

Facts about our healthcare client


  • Delivers high-quality not-for-profit healthcare through a community-driven, service-based approach
  • Operates hospitals, outpatient centers, and care provider networks across two U.S. states
  • Increased the number of healthcare locations between 2020 and 2023
  • Committed to providing healthcare in underserved areas
  • Provides millions of dollars of community benefits each month
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Continual improvement for healthcare logistics

Our client has a very strong focus on enhancing how they operate to deliver better patient outcomes.


GEODIS helps them meet this challenge through our culture of continuous improvement. We provide high-quality, timely metrics and use this data to strengthen cost control, logistics services, and supply chain performance.


Our enhancements include route consolidation, optimized STAT coverage, better after-hours availability, and rapid shipment order entry and tracking. We follow the Lean Six Sigma improvement framework to remove waste and inefficiencies.


“GEODIS is a great partner, and that goes beyond the logistics services they provide. GEODIS employees bring in donated goods, help with food deliveries. The partnership between our healthcare system and GEODIS is a service to the community and the region.”

VP of Supply Chain Management


GEODIS medical logistics services

We provide our client with a range of healthcare logistics services:


  • Provide safe and compliant pickup, transportation, hand-off, and delivery between healthcare providers, labs, and others
  • Access to 24x7x365 local and regional courier services across multiple geographic areas
  • Provide courier services for multiple needs including medical supplies, clinical samples, pharmaceuticals, and administrative needs
  • Offer best-in-class cold-chain and environmentally controlled transportation options
  • Access to high-speed STAT couriers for urgent medical requests
  • Provide deep insights and analytics to enhance cost savings, processes, and performance goals
  • Integration with client processes, systems, and technologies
  • Real-time communications, tracking, and job updates
  • Adapt to changing job specifications and requirements


“GEODIS brings great metrics, tracking, and controls that our other couriers don’t. They take metrics very seriously, utilizing Lean Six Sigma to help drive route consolidation, together with efficient and effective operations.” 

VP of Supply Chain Management

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Outcomes for our clinical and advanced therapy client

When you’re contributing to better patient outcomes, it’s vital to meet client needs, every time. GEODIS has:  


  • Consolidated routes and made further improvements that supports a significant increase in client locations without substantial cost increases
  • Reduced our average cost per stop by 8% between 2021 and 2023
  • Transitioned from a non-stop to a one-hour service without compromising on quality of care

How GEODIS can help you with healthcare logistics

GEODIS is one of the biggest logistics providers in the U.S. and around the world. Here's what you can expect when you partner with us on your healthcare supply chain:


  • Provide safe and compliant pickup, transportation, hand-off, and delivery between providers, pharmacies, patients, and others
  • Supply on-demand, dedicated, trained, and certified drivers
  • Offer best-in-class cold-chain and environmentally controlled transportation options
  • Control costs while optimizing medical supply chain services
  • Access to 24x7 local and regional courier services across multiple geographic areas
  • Support for regular and STAT pickups and deliveries
  • Real-time communications, tracking, job updates, and proof of delivery for healthcare logistics
  • Integration with your processes, systems, and technologies
  • Support growth into new transport networks and regions


Discover how we provide affordable medical logistics outsourcing, while maximizing quality and compliance. Get in touch with GEODIS to see how we can meet your healthcare needs.