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Elevate Your Brand: Custom Retail Display Solutions

Build your brand and drive sales with our strategic display designs. Learn how our expertise can enhance your in-store presence and customer experience.

Effective promotions and well-crafted displays aren't just about looking good on the store shelf—they're about capturing customer attention, driving sales, and enhancing brand loyalty. Our packaging and customization services help you to get noticed in-store.

Key takeaways


  • Effective in-store promotions and displays are critical for driving sales, building brand loyalty, and enhancing the customer experience
  • GEODIS offers a range of promotions and display-building services that combine creative design, consumer insights, and operational excellence to deliver maximum impact
  • Automated solutions, real-time tracking capabilities, and a flexible, scalable approach allow GEODIS to meet the diverse and evolving needs of brands
  • By partnering with GEODIS, you can elevate your in-store presence, drive sales, and achieve long-term success in a dynamic retail landscape

Elevate your in-store presence with our promotions and display-building services

We provide comprehensive promotions and display-building services to help retailers optimize their in-store presence. You can easily take advantage of our expertise and commitment to excellence at every stage.


Our services give you a wide range of options to meet your unique retail needs. We've successfully conceptualized and designed promotional displays for major retail chains, resulting in a significant increase in sales. From executing flawless installations for high-profile product launches to managing large-scale nationwide promotional campaigns, our services maximize retail impact and drive sales.


Streamline your display operations with automated solutions 

We use advanced technologies to automate and streamline the ordering and shipping process. This significantly reduces manual intervention, errors, and costs. Our automation ensures the timely and accurate delivery of display materials, allowing you to focus on growing your business. 

Looking to create impactful displays that resonate with your customers? Connect with our expert team to design custom solutions that elevate your brand and drive sales.

Never miss a sale with real-time inventory visibility

Efficiency is at the heart of successful retail operations. Our packaging and customization services provide you with a robust, real-time inventory tracking and reporting system. The system allows brands to easily monitor stock levels and manage display items effectively, preventing out-of-stock scenarios and optimizing product placement. The real-time nature of our tracking system ensures your displays are always well-stocked and up-to-date to maximize your revenue.


Displays that sell: Harnessing consumer insights for maximum impact

The ultimate goal of any promotional display is to boost sales. GEODIS creates visually appealing displays that resonate with your customers. We achieve this by using cutting-edge market research, combined with our deep understanding of consumer behaviors. From seasonal promotions to product launches, our displays meet specific customer needs and preferences, enhancing the overall shopping experience. You can expect creative, impactful, durable, and reliable displays and promotions.


Your brand, elevated: Strategic display design and flawless execution

Our team of experts works closely with you to understand your brand identity and marketing goals. We'll suggest strategic designs that match your vision and strengthen your brand. This collaborative approach ensures that every display is strategically designed and flawlessly executed. We work with you throughout,  with meticulous planning and execution at every stage.

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Agility in action: Flexible solutions for an evolving retail landscape

We understand that retail environments and retailers' needs are constantly evolving. That's why our packaging and customization services are designed to be flexible and scalable, ready to accommodate changes in demand and adapt to new market trends. Whether it's a nationwide rollout of a new product or a localized promotional campaign, our solutions are agile and adaptable. Our commitment to operational excellence means that we can scale our services without compromising on quality or efficiency, giving you the reassurance you need in a dynamic market.


Built to last: The GEODIS quality guarantee 

For us, quality isn't just a buzzword, it's our guiding principle. From the materials used in display construction to the precision of our installations, we adhere to the highest quality standards. This unwavering commitment ensures that our displays look great and stand the test of time, providing lasting value to retailers. 


Our promotions and display-building services provide a comprehensive solution for brands looking to enhance their in-store presence and drive sales. By reducing costs through automation, improving efficiency with real-time tracking, and creating compelling displays that meet customer needs, GEODIS empowers retailers to achieve their marketing goals and boost revenue. 

Frequently asked questions about logistics display services

GEODIS offers automated ordering and shipping processes, real-time inventory tracking, and streamlined display management, which significantly reduces manual intervention, errors, and costs. This allows you to optimize your warehouse operations and focus on growing your business.

GEODIS combines creative design, consumer insights, and operational excellence to create displays that not only look appealing but also resonate with your target customers. Our data-driven approach ensures that displays are strategically placed and stocked to maximize sales and enhance the overall shopping experience.

Our solutions are designed to be highly flexible and scalable. Whether you need to adapt to seasonal changes, new product launches, or evolving market trends, GEODIS can quickly adjust your display strategy without compromising on quality or efficiency.

Absolutely. GEODIS has extensive experience in managing large-scale nationwide promotional campaigns. Our combination of local expertise and global reach allows us to execute flawless installations and maintain consistency across multiple locations.

How GEODIS can help

GEODIS offers comprehensive solutions tailored to optimize your warehouse operations and enhance your in-store presence. Here's what you can expect when you work with us:


  • Advanced automation and real-time inventory tracking to streamline your warehouse processes
  • Flexible and scalable display solutions adaptable to changing retail needs and market trends
  • Data-driven consumer insights to create impactful displays that resonate with your target customers
  • Strategic display design and flawless execution to elevate your brand and drive sales
  • Nationwide coverage with the ability to reach 99.5% of the continental U.S. in two days or fewer
  • More than 50 million square feet of storage space across strategically located warehouses
  • Integration with our full range of transportation, warehousing, and freight forwarding services
  • A leading on-time, in-full rate of 98% to ensure reliable and efficient operations


Get in touch today to discover how GEODIS can optimize your warehouse efficiency and revolutionize your retail display strategy.

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Paul Ware

Director of Operational Excellence for Packaging and Customization Services

Paul joined GEODIS in 2022 and is responsible for ensuring excellence and best practices across our packaging and customization services. His areas of expertise include setting the strategy and initiative of business processes, digital technology (IOT and data analytics), and organizational transformation.