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Freight Audit and Financial Settlement

Managed transportation can bring added complexities in financial settlement components, such as freight audit and payment, carrier payments, general ledger (GL) coding, claims, and refund management. Our effective financial settlement services can help recapture an average 2-3% your transportation spend – saving unnecessary business costs and protecting your margins.

Freight audit and pay

Freight audit and pay (sometimes referred to as 'back office') examines your process related to freight bills, audit and payment, claims and overcharge filing, fines, and chargeback research. We use an 8-point system to check for errors in shipper/carrier information, mileage, shipment weights, bill of lading, tracking number, discounts, and price. This reduces cost by catching data errors and eliminating unnecessary labor costs in managing freight audits.

Claim management

Our Certified Claims Professionals (CCPAC) will apply their knowledge of industry standards and claims law to administer, mitigate, and negotiate your claims. As a result, you can focus on your core business functions while collecting up to two times the industry average recovery rate. Our web-based claims management tool also allows you to monitor and trend claim patterns by product, location, and carrier.

Parcel audit

Our parcel solution includes an automated system to audit and pay parcel invoices while also analyzing trends to optimize your shipping patterns. This process ensures carrier oversight and liability for billing errors, service failure recovery, and accessorial fee corrections within carrier time constraints. In addition to initiating rate disputes, we eliminate the administration required for the best rates and service for your customers.

Simplified billing

As we manage your transportation, we will provide you with visibility into your transportation costs within a financial structure. Our simplified billing can also streamline your month-end closings and accruals by consolidating invoices with cost broken down by product and allocated to your designated business units. By managing this area of financial administration, we can help you mitigate budget, labor and cost challenges.

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