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We optimize order fulfillment and logistics so you can focus on building your eCommerce business. Maximize availability, avoid stockouts, and delight customers across all of your channels.

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Level-up your customer's experience

Delighting customers and building loyalty is critical for an eCommerce business. GEODIS puts the customer experience front and center, with best-in-class order fulfillment and omnichannel logistics. 


We integrate deeply with your organization to maximize availability, avoid stockouts, minimize lead times, and deliver high-quality products. Our fulfillment and omnichannel services ensure that the right products are in stock and delivered at the right time to your customers across B2B, B2C, and D2C. 


GEODIS will support all your sales channels, from online shops, third-party marketplaces, and social media selling through to traditional retail and wholesale. We'll gain a deep understanding of your fulfillment goals, then customize our warehousing and transportation solutions to meet your needs. 

  • Scalable and flexible fulfillment.svg
    Scalable and flexible fulfillment.svg

    Enjoy scalable & flexible fulfillment

  • inventory_and_order_acurracy.svg

    Maximize accuracy & availability

  • speed_to_deliver.svg

    Improve fulfillment & delivery times

  • seamless_customer_experience.svg

    Deliver a seamless customer experience

Scalable & flexible fulfillment

Enjoy scalable & flexible fulfillment


  • Focus on growing your business while we take care of order fulfillment and logistics


  • Support regular and peak season demands with flexible storage, order management, and distribution


  • Sell across multiple sales channels with complete and seamless omnichannel support


  • Take advantage of multiple fulfillment locations so you're close to your customer


  • Incorporate value-added logistics services tailored to the needs of you and your customers
Inventory Management

Maximize accuracy & availability


  • Integrate with your existing software and processes for complete control of the supply chain


  • Forecast likely future demand and ensure the right products are in stock


  • Take account of lead times for ordering and shipping products


  • Gain complete visibility of your stock levels


  • Minimize inventory inaccuracies, errors, and inconsistencies
Improve speed to delivery

Improve fulfillment & delivery times


  • Take advantage of skilled teammates and automation to speed up the pick-and-pack process


  • Get shipping from our network distribution centers for local fulfillment and faster delivery


  • Enjoy late daily order cut-off times for next-day and two-day delivery


  • Choose from a variety of distribution and delivery costs and options 
Customer experience and logistics

Deliver a seamless customer experience


  • Trust GEODIS to support your brand promise and customer journey


  • Expect a friction-free customer experience across all sales channels


  • Count on fast, high-quality, and affordable storage, order fulfillment, and delivery


  • Manage returns and reverse logistics in a cost-effective way


  • Provide visibility and tracking to your customers


Order fulfillment

Backed by over 70 years of experience, GEODIS provides best-in-class order fulfillment that meets your needs while delighting your customers. 

Pick and Pack

We provide automated and manual pick and pack to fulfill customer orders in a fast, efficient, and cost-effective way. 

Omnichannel distribution

Selling through multiple channels, including D2C, B2B, or wholesale? We'll distribute your products to multiple customer types from single or multiple facilities.

Integrated eLogistics

GEODIS order fulfillment works as a natural extension of your business. We'll integrate with your store, systems, and processes for complete eLogistics visibility and control. 

Fulfillment for online marketplaces

GEODIS is a one-stop fulfillment solution for online marketplaces. We manage inbound replenishment, scalable fulfillment, delivery, and returns management for popular online platforms.

Returns management

GEODIS manages your returns across all channels. Enjoy stress-free reboxing, ticketing, tagging, garment repairs, and recycling.

Turbocharge business growth with faster order fulfillment

GEODIS supports and empowers your success. We provide innovative logistics that scale alongside your business growth. Our U.S.-based and international networks keep you close to your customer, wherever they are. The eCommerce marketplace is continually innovating, and we match that with investment in our people and technologies. 

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"Outsource your fulfillment activities to a third-party logistics (3PL) provider like GEODIS. Whether you are a marketplace or a brand selling online, you stand to gain from our expertise in warehousing and 'picking, packing, & shipping'. And our proven fulfillment systems, processes, and people will help deliver a seamless experience to your customers."


Jean Pierre Juteau, Managing Director GEODIS eLogistics Europe

Frequently asked questions

A third-party fulfillment service like GEODIS allows you to ship and store all kinds of goods. For example, we offer logistics services across several major areas including fast-moving consumer goods, high-tech, automotive, and retail. A logistics business will offer customized solutions and value-added services to meet your customers' needs. 

Important factors include:

  • Delivery speed and costs to match your requirements
  • Access to a wide network of well-situated warehouses and fulfillment centers
  • Scalable solutions with omnichannel eCommerce logistics capabilities
  • Smart and optimized returns management
  • Choice of sustainable fulfillment solutions
  • Powerful technology platforms to manage eCommerce fulfillment

Your eCommerce fulfillment provider will store and secure your goods at a fulfillment center. They will receive orders, pick and pack them, then deliver the goods to your customer. Some providers also offer additional services including returns management, assembly, personalization, and other value-added logistics. 

There are several ways to optimize your omnichannel logistics and fulfillment: 

  • Make your online store user-friendly so that customers can easily place orders
  • Use an order management platform
  • Improve SKU handling to avoid damages during the fulfillment process
  • Employ an inventory management to consistently track, manage, and analyze stock levels
  • Carefully manage the acquisition, storage, and transportation of stock
  • Outsource your fulfillment process to a trusted provider

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