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Optimize reverse logistics with our proven returns model and international network. We design reverse product flows to protect your profits and your customer's experience.

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Turn reverse logistics into your competitive advantage


Support customer returns with our reverse logistics solution. 


Whether you sell B2B, B2C, or D2C, upgrade your product lifecycle management with:


  • Efficient product returns management
  • Collection at customer site
  • Sorting, grading, refurbishing, and repair management
  • Omnichannel remarketing
  • Cost-effective reuse and recycling for end-of-life products
  • Real-time visibility from receiving to shipping 
  • Analytics to optimize product recovery


We improve brand protection, data security, and revenue recovery while reducing landfill waste and incineration. 


Returns management

Ideal for the rapid processing and efficient management of returned goods. Once we collect, inspect, sort, test, and re-stock your products, we distribute goods and offer swap services.

Mid-life product management: repairing, refurbishing, remarketing

Give your unwanted, damaged, or end-of-lease goods a second life. We manage all the processes that enable reuse, from refurbishment and data wiping to resale.

End-of-life product management: dismantling, recycling

We inspect and dismantle non-repairable goods and support scrapping, recycling, and certified destruction. We help to maximize the value of certain goods via remarketing.

Reverse logistics solutions: A powerful differentiator

Reverse logistics is a critical business process, especially considering the high return rate of online sales. Processing product returns can be tedious and expensive due to rising transport costs, supply chain disruptions, and excess inventory. GEODIS helps you manage your returns to help build trust with customers, create a competitive business advantage, and reduce your costs. 

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"The exponential growth of eCommerce has led to the development of new consumer habits. For one, online customers tend to order several sizes and/or colors of an item to try at home. This implies a high volume of returns. How your retail business handles these returns will determine your customer’s shopping experience. And that is important because 95% of satisfied customers come back to shop for more; while 90% will not if they’re dissatisfied."


Damien Derouene, GEODIS, Global Director, Reverse Logistics, Supply Chain Optimization

Frequently asked questions

Reverse logistics is the process of retrieving unwanted or defective goods from customers and then processing the returned products in line with your needs. Returns may be requested for several reasons including incorrect orders, damage, or unwanted products. An experienced reverse logistics partner will optimize your returns management. 

Your reverse logistics provider can manage the following processes on your behalf:


  • Returns management
  • Recall of faulty goods
  • Repair and maintenance of stock
  • Repackaging returned goods for resale or reprocessing
  • Redeployment of products
  • Dismantling products for the sale of its parts
  • Recycling and selling end-of-life materials or certified disposal

An easy-to-use, hassle-free, and effective returns process shows your company’s commitment to your customers. Reverse fulfillment is an important way to build trust - customers who are happy with your returns process are more likely to buy from you again. Getting your reverse logistics right is a great way to strengthen customer loyalty.

Environmentally aware eCommerce businesses can opt for reverse logistics that minimizes the quantity or returned products that are sent to landfill or incinerated. Choose a reverse logistics provider that can repair, refurbish, recycle, and extract components from returned products.

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