Discover your dedicated MyGEODIS business space and access our various tools to facilitate your daily working life, such as our Online Booking tool, Track & Trace, Emissions calculator and different reporting and visibility options. 


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  • Emissions calculator

    Access to our emissions calculator tool

  • Visibility Americas
    Access to our Visibility Americas portal providing end-to-end visibility within your supply chain 
  • Tracking - Italy

    Access to the GEODIS’ Logistics and Tracking solution (for our Contract Logistics customers in Italy)

  • Booking - For Italy

    Access to the Transportation Area of our Online Management solution (for Contract Logistics customers in Italy)

  • Thumbnail

    Access to our online shipments management & tracking solutions for Distribution & Express

  • Thumbnail
    You wait for a GEODIS Delivery, access our portal to follow your sending and anticipate the delivery.
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    Access to our online freight management & tracking solutions for Freight Forwarding

  • Vignette

    Access to our online shipments management & tracking solutions for Supply Chain Optimization

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    Access to our transport management portals and tools for Road Transport

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    Access to our platform for the online booking and tracking of GEODIS Ireland shipments via road, air and sea